Three key programs and growing

Honoring a community artist, J-Def serves as a role model through his hip hop music. He was a
young man who worked towards bettering himself and the community. J-Def Peace Project helps
teens of Chicago who seek a safe place to learn, create and grow through various artistic outlets.


19 and A Day Documentary

The Life and Times of Jeff Abbey maldonado, Jr.

Created to honor Jeff Maldonado Jr. 19 and A Day, captures his life, the differences he made and his tragic death. The film has been applied to other programs within J-Def Peace Project, such as the Solorio High School project that helps beautify their campus.


Photograph by Lori Stralow Harris

Photograph by Lori Stralow Harris

Wall of Remembrance in Pilsen


A year round initiative that is one of many parts of the J-Def Peace Project, the Wall of Remembrance in Pilsen program includes a diverse group of teens that represent eight of Chicago’s high schools from all over the city; some travel in as far as the Indiana border to participate and has nearly 200 members and many alumni who return to volunteer and mentor within the program.



Photograph by Lori Stralow Harris

Photograph by Lori Stralow Harris

The Students of Solorio High
School Mosaic

After School MAtters Teen Program

The students of Solorio High School are currently creating a twenty-foot mosaic of their school’s mascot, a Sun Warrior.  This piece was originally brought about with the film 19 and A Day; pushing the creation of murals through diverse materials. This will be the school’s first project and, when completed, will be permanently installed by the school’s entrance.

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